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Thu, Nov. 29th, 2007, 03:33 pm
it should be obvious by now

I'm not doing the journal thing.  I haven't been on this site for about a year.  I won't be deleting it because it's sorta a reminder of a time in my life that I'm still think of very fondly.  Maybe I'll read it 10 years from now and laugh my ass off the same way it makes me laugh when I read my horrendous high school poetry journal.

Updates:  I'm student teaching and loving it.
                   Still in Portland and loving it :)
                   Still working at a homeless shelter on the weekends to make money since I don't get paid to student teach.
                   Living in a house with 3 other pretty awesome friends.
                   Dating a great chick.
                   Things have really gotten pretty good in my life.
                   Now if I can just get over this cold and my horrible obsession with Six Feet Under (the show not the shitty metal band)

Have fun ya'll.  It's the point pretty much isn't it?